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Hello! Welcome to my page. I am in this feng shui industry for more than 10 years. I have started learning at a young age from various feng shui masters from HK, China and Taiwan. My passion didn't started as a business idea. It began with a curious mind. Can it work? I began examining the works and found my answer through this process. We have traveled the world (Asia, Australia Switzerland, UK, Middle East, USA, Canada) to see feng shui and design their homes and offices and give advice for business and personal level. I have co-founded 水晶風水館 Desmond Jason Academy Pte Ltd back in 2011. 水館 have been featured in Business Times in 2018.

Business Times 2018

These are some courtesy pictures taken by our hospitable customers while we are on our working trip near their place of residence.


Through this process, I learned that the works are difficult. You have be knowledgeable to assist various levels of people. So I pursue my Masters in Counselling with Monash University after my bachelor. This is to help me understand people better to serve their needs. It has formed a big part of my character building. Like all Chinese martial stories, the disciple have to go down the mountain to receive more training. Hence, I have been given this discipleship name Won Yan. It is a motivation for me to thrive to do better than the previous and share feng shui with more people. Feng Shui is not a religion. It is a lifestyle where we work, sleep, eat and cook matters in the flow of energy. Religion is individual in feng shui aspect. I hope you have know me a bit more and let's bring your life to the next level.

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