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About Master Jason Chan

To help one live life to his fullest potential by using Feng Shui and Ba Zi as a guide to achieving a deeper understanding of the influences on his well-being.

I'm a geomancer based in Singapore. My goal is to provide solutions and help anyone who wants to improve their current life situation and living environment with geomancy, an ancient study and practice of harmonious living with others and the environment. 

Feng Shui is not a religion. It is a lifestyle where work, sleep, eating, and cooking matter in the energy flow. Are you looking to unlock your house/life potential?

With access to the ancient knowledge of geomancy passed down from generation to generation, one is now able to unlock the potential….

For me, discovering my strengths took time. But once I let go of fear, I realized there was no limit. My first step was attending 正先書院 school, where I learned the tools that I now live my life by. I was under the tutorship of Master Shao Cong Ling, 邵崇齡, a famous Taiwan Geomancer in the ‘90s who advised politicians and business owners in China and Taiwan. And I learned from Grand Master Raymond  Lo from the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA). 

Since becoming a geomancer, I have surrounded myself with people that I admire, people that inspire, people that have something to teach, and from whom I can learn. Learning a new way of doing things is challenging, but with the right skills and abilities.

Anything and everything is possible. I believe my purpose is to become the fullest expression of myself and to help others do the same.

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