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#51 震 Zhen (Sudden)

Updated: Mar 3

Zhen translates to 'sudden' or 'startling', particularly associated with the shock or surprise caused by the thunder’s roar. Fascinating.🌩️🥁

This Gua acts as a symbolic representation of early spring when thunderstorms are common. It signifies the compelling force of change, just as a thunderstorm marks the transition from winter to spring.☔

Such external, "shocking" changes reflect our personal life transformations - sometimes as sudden & impactful as a thunderclap. While change might feel overwhelming, the Gua, Zhen reminds us that it's all part of life's growth and evolution.🌱

So, let's walk into the week with an open heart, welcoming change and growth. And remember, although thunderstorms can be startling, they're often followed by the brightest rainbows.🌈

Do you embrace change, or does it scare you?

What is this about?

This Gua describes how the Zhou people reacted to the new government.


51.0 亨。震來,虩虩。笑言啞啞。震驚百里。不匕鬯

Suppose thunder comes with a startling "quak-quak", causing the people to laugh. The thunder shocks a hundred li. The diviner did not drop his spoon. The new Zhou administration startled everyone far and wide (100 miles). Once the shock wore off, they laughed about it. Here, "diviner" refers to the Duke of Zhou. Because he orchestrated the system, he was not startled and kept his composure (the spoon). Something will surprise your family/ company/ country. They will talk about it amidst laughter. Although the cause of the startling event will significantly influence your family/ company/ country, they will be well aware of the consequences.

51.1 初九震來—虩,虩。後笑言啞啞。吉

Yang on Line 1: Thunder comes with a startling "quak-quak", causing the people to laugh. There will be a fortune. When radical ideas are introduced or implemented, it shocks all involved. Once people get used to the new idea/organisation/relationship and understand its fundamental basis, they will laugh with joy. Take the time to fully understand something before dismissing it.

51.2 六二震來,厲。億喪貝,躋于九陵。勿逐,七日得

Yin on Line 2: The shock is frightening. Some people give up their precious shells and hide in the hills. Don't look for them. They will return in seven days. In ancient China, seashells were used as money. If a friend/loved one/associate leaves because they are overwhelmed by new circumstances, don't worry. They will not be gone for long.

51.3 六三震蘇蘇。震行无眚

Yin on Line 3: The thunder awakens everyone. However, no one is hurt by the shock. Wake up and accept new ideas. They will not harm you.

51.4 九四震遂泥

Yang on Line 4: The shock causes some people to sink in the mud. Some people are not ready for change and cannot adapt to it. They will become stuck in their old ways, unable to keep pace with the changing world.

51.5 六五震, 往來意。无喪有事

Yin on Line 5: Some people come and go amidst the startling movement. It will be risky,

There is gain and no loss. Be on the alert to accept a dangerous position. Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

51.6 上六震,索,索。視矍矍。征凶。震不于其躬,于其鄰。无咎。婚媾有言

Yin on Line 6: Some people are so startled they pant and gaze confusedly. It will be dangerous to proceed in any direction. If the shock does not affect you but affects your neighbour, there should be no complaints. However, his friends may speak against him. Those who do not accept change tend to be anxious and unhappy. Do not act against change. If your friend/loved one/associate reacts to change unusually and receives taunts from others, do not blame them.

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