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4 ways to sit

The seating arrangement is essential since ancient times. The position of where in the kingdom court for the emperor, chancellor, and other minister have been thought of. Chinese believe the control of power depends on the strategic position of the beholder.

The pandemic has brought many changes, especially in how we work. These questioned the necessity of a workplace. There are some innovations in office space use, such as seating arrangement like hot-desking, co-working space. For some, it may be a career from home.

In general, what we should look out for?

We should be careful not to sit facing the corner of a square table. If the sharp edge is pointed directly at you, harmful energy aimed straight at you will harm you. When there are five people seated at a small square table meant only for four, make sure you do not take the chair placed directly facing the corner edge of the table. Negative energy will cause you to be uneasy for the rest of the day. When attending an important interview, for a scholarship or a job, or meeting your supervisor or your boss, you must endeavour never to sit facing the edge of the table. If you do, luck will be against you, and you are unlikely to be successful or get what you want. Always sit facing one of your four good directions.

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