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#8 比 Bi (Alliance)

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Bi means alliance. Teamwork, collaboration and partnership are also indicative of Bi.

What is this about?

This Gua describes how tribes allied with Zhou after Zhou conquered Shang's enemies.


8.0 原筮。元永貞无不寧方來後。夫凶

Sincerity and integrity will yield positive results. The tribes who are restless will join you. Those who come too late will lose out. Things are coming together. It's an excellent time to form partnerships and network with people who can help you or your enterprise grow and prosper. Expand your horizons. Make new friends. Connect!


Yin on Line 1: A mistake is not made if an alliance is formed with trustworthy people. When sincerity fills a vessel, there will be an unexpected fortune. King Wen's success in assembling alliances was due to his honest intentions, goodwill, and genuine concern for the welfare of the people. good things happen to good people.

8.2 六二比之自內,貞吉

Yin on Line 2: Allying within the Shang empire is favourable. The seeds of rebellion were sown from within the Shang empire, the dukes and earls pledging their loyalty to King Wen. Establish and foster long-term relationships. Do not burn the bridge.

8.3 六三比之匪人

Yin on Line 3: Seek alliances with bandits. King Wen formed alliances with hostile barbarians who once raided Shang and Zhou Villages to avoid trouble. Make an enemy your friend. Turn a negative situation into a positive one.

8.4 六四外比之。貞吉

Yin on Line 4: Allying with tribes outside the Shang empire is helpful. King Wen sought alliances with tribes outside the Shang domain, their assistance and support proving a vital part of the uprising against the Shang. Make friends with people in other organizations. You may need to ask for their help in the future.

8.5 九五顯比王用三驅。失前禽。邑人不誡。吉

Nine on Line 5: What is the most effective way to ally? When the king hunts, he directs the game in three directions. The animals that stay in front are allowed to escape. King Wen did not force other tribes to ally with him, like releasing immature fish back into the sea. Those who were unwilling were permitted their choice. this assured the quality of the alliance. do not force your opinion on others. you can not change someone's mind.

8.6 上六比之无首,凶

Yin on Line 6: If the alliance does not have a leader, there will be misfortune. King Wen led the uprising against the Shang. Without him, the military invasion would have been misguided and subject to defeat. Leadership in any partnership is necessary for the successor to protect the longevity of the group/ company.

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