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Are you still focusing on Period 9? STOP! Time to look further

Are you still focusing on Period 9? STOP! Time to look further

Are you following the news regarding China's security pact with the Solomon Islands?

If Yes, do you know that Chinese Xi Jinping even shared a photograph with Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in Beijing in October 2019?

Not all worldwide top officials have this privilege. This probably shows the significant value that Beijing place in the Pacific region. Beijing moves in quietly for a stage in a bigger plan. A long journey starts with a single step.

If you are still thinking Period 9 九運, you are behind China's moves. China is preparing for Period 1 一運. Period 1 is the next frontier dominated by the water element. Sea will be the next focus point where they are unknown potential resources. It will only be more aggressive in the future, especially regarding sea routes, food, and raw materials. There are mass spaces of sea and the unknown. There might be advances to build the city on or in the sea. Westerners probably second guess as military influences for now. If you have foresight like China, you will start to follow China's move more closely. China will explore and tighten sea influences. Economic domination is all Chinese's true nature, which translates to their belief that Money makes the world go round. World Economic Forum 2022 has briefly discussed A Fresh Water Future. Water systems can influence a future economy. You may watch the discussion at this link: The video mentioned the importance of water that can affect globally. It also mentioned water security and agriculture briefly. A second element to follow is the wood element. It could mean a scarcity of forested areas. It could mean the global climate has threatened crops and the coastal regions.

In a similar situation in Period 9, dominated by the fire element and grow earth. (Hopefully, if you are familiar with the five-element theory.) The one Belt, One Road Movement is China's initiative to build roads and rails on land, if you recall. So land and oil-related had grown very much approaching Period 9 beginning in 2024.

Date: 26/5/2022

We call these meaningful coincident events synchronicity. If you dwell in the realm of metaphysics, you will understand the concept of the superconscious. I hope this can create a peek into the future and gives you insight into business and investment.

Let me know if you wish to discuss this further.

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