Display Auspicious Calligraphy

Updated: May 28, 2020

The Chinese of olden days loved displaying auspicious calligraphy in their homes and especially the character 福 “fu”, which means blessings. Almost all Chinese ancestral homes throughout Asia, especially those belonging to wealthy Chinese families, have their versions of auspicious calligraphy. This symbolism of extreme good fortune is believed to be a powerful feng shui feature. Some even have faith in that the word 福 “fu” should also be displayed upside down to symbolize the blessing arrival.

Combining Symbols and Elements

Sometimes the auspicious calligraphy may be combined with other auspicious symbols like fish and water motifs. If water is an element that is auspicious for you and your location, combining the word 福 “fu” with water and fish could bring you some good fortune.

Calligraphy and symbols can be hung as specially commissioned paintings. The carp is an especially auspicious symbol to display around the home. This is because the carp symbolizes ambition as well as the potential for attaining great heights in material success and power. The carp is also believed to have the ability to transform into the magnificent dragon.

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