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Happy Family Portraits Bring Togetherness

Updated: May 28, 2020

CoVid 19 is a difficult time for all of us. Some people may lost their loved ones during this time. It is not a time to be sad; otherwise, it will worsen our self before everything resumes to normal. One way is to celebrate life through photos. Take time to nostalgia those moments when you flip your album today. Nothing can replace the physical photo. I like to share with you how to select family portraits small and big at auspicious spaces to enhance good energy and mood.

One of the best and most effective methods of creating a sense of family togetherness is to hang a large family portrait in a place of honour in the living room or family room or place small pictures in the kitchen and bedrooms. Every member of the family should be included in the portrait and, to symbolize happiness, every member should be smiling. Choose a portrait that the members of the family in a way that creates a shape most suitable to the element of the father of the family. The birthday represents the element of the individual.

Fire element Arrangement (Triangular)

If you choose this arrangement, make sure the breadwinner or father of the family is placed at the apex of the triangle. This particular arrangement creates the element of fire 丙丁, and it also signifies the precious yang energy. It is particularly appropriate when the father of the family was born in a fire or earth day.

Water element Arrangement (Wavy)

This arrangement creates the water 壬癸 element. It is a yin shape and is excellent if there is excessive yang energy in the home in the form of many male relatives. The father or breadwinner should be in the centre, and the heads of the people in the picture not level, creating a waxy shape. This is excellent when the father was born in a water or wood day.

Wood element Arrangement (Rectangular)

This arrangement suggests the wood 甲乙 element. Here, all members pose in a way that the shortest to the tallest in a straight line. The arrangement also suggests a regular, balanced shape. It is suitable when the father was born in a wood or fire day.

Earth Arrangement (Square/ Diamond)

This is similar to the rectangle and is especially suited for small families. For instance, four in a picture makes a perfect square, a shape that suggests the earth 戊己 element. This arrangement is suitable for everyone since the earth element also signifies the family. It is also useful if the father was born in a metal 庚辛 day since earth produces metal in the cycle of the elements.

What makes a Good Family Picture?

  • Lighting gets in their eyes!

  • Expression is everything!

  • When there is fun!

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It is time to make memories.

**Note: Not all 5 elements shapes can use as a guideline. For example: Circle symbolise metal elements. It is difficult to achieve a circle arrangement.

Breadwinner may use these elements in relation to their elements:

  • Wood element: Water and Wood 水生木

  • Fire element: Wood and Fire 木生火

  • Earth element: Fire and Earth 火生土

  • Metal Element: Earth 土生金

  • Water Element: Water 金生水

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