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House Move-in Ceremony

1. An auspicious date and time is chosen by a feng shui master. The importance of a suitable date is to bring good energy for the house and occupants.

2. Everything in the house has to be new. Used things have to wait till to move during/ move-in ceremony.

3. One would need to have the following items for food and cooking and also to represent abundance (茶, 米, 油, 盐) tea leaves, rice, oil, salt in the kitchen. Empty Rice container to be bought. (Do not fill up before move-in)

3. On an auspicious day, these are some of the typical Chinese practices:

The sequence of who enter first

  1. Head of the family

  2. Children and other family members

  3. Domestic helper

People not staying in the house should not come on that day. Instead, visitors should come another day because the moving-in date allows occupants to connect with the house's energy.

(Optional): After opening the main door. Say "平安發財 (Ping Ann Fa Chai) !"; then roll in a pineapple which symbolizes prosperity (旺来- Hokkien dialect).

(Optional): You can also throw Gold coins into your house to symbolize money coming in, then pick them up, do not give the money away; you can keep or use it yourself later.

Open all doors and windows to allow energy to circulate in your house, switch on all lights for at least 2 hrs.

Next, you will set up the charcoal stove and light it up. This action is to warm the house Qi and to awake it after renovation. Some may add herbs to infuse the smell that brings prosperity.

After 15-30 minutes, the occupants will hang their clothes, set their study table and set their beds 安床. The setting of the bed involves placing the mattress into the frame and putting covers.

Mother/ Wife will next go to the kitchen and set up. First, she will pour rice into the container and insert a money-filled red packet together. Next, she will start the gas stove and cook a meal.

Movers and the rest of the things can enter the house.

The family will settle down and eat a meal together. Then, finally, the move-in ceremony is completed.

Please message me at for a complimentary move-in checklist.

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