How to Find the Feng Shui Command Position

Updated: May 28, 2020

In feng shui, the command position of a room places you in the best place to deal with whatever comes into your life. When you are in the command position of a room, you can see the door. To set up the command position in any room, place the main piece of furniture—a couch, desk or bed—where you can see the door without being in a direct line with it.

The essence of this feng shui position is about being the commander of your energy so that you do your best in any situation. It isn't about commanding others.

Which Rooms Benefit From a Command Position?

The feng shui command position is critical to consider in your bedroom, your office, and your living room when you are decorating any of these spaces. The principle of the feng shui command position is applied in the bedroom by how you position your bed and in your office by how you place your office desk.

At work, when your desk doesn't face the door, you can be surprised when you least expect it. If you work in a cubicle, position your computer so you can see who is entering with just a slight turn of your head.

In the bedroom, you are at your most vulnerable. The command position reduces your vulnerability by placing the bed where you can see the entrance to the room.

You can apply the feng shui command position to any area you tend to spend much time in, including your favourite reading chair or your couch. You can have several command position spots in any given space, but there is always the most powerful one; it is usually in the farthest corner from the door.

The Importance of Good Backing

Another criterion for the feng shui command position is good backing. So let's say you have your office desk in the command position and all looks perfect, but there is a window behind your back. This is not a full command position; it is still weak. It would help if you created strong backing behind your back. After you've done that, not only do you have a complete view of what is happening in any given space, you also have energetic feng shui backing/protective energy behind your back.

Once you understand how it feels to be in a feng shui command position, you will automatically look for it even outside your home or office. You will choose better spots to keep your energy securewhen you’re in a meeting, a restaurant or in any other place where you spend time.

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