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Kwan Yin Qian Lot 38 觀音靈簽第三十八簽

Updated: May 17, 2023

Kwan Yin Qian

Kwan Yin Qian Inauspicious

何文秀遇難 (下籤)

The scholar He Wenxiu got into trouble.

觀音靈簽第三十八簽:吉凶宮位 Lot Verse

【下籤申宮】月照天書靜處期,忽遭雲霧又昏迷; 寬心祈待雲霞散,此時更改好施為。

The moonlight falls silently on the book. Clouds and fog obscure the beam. Wait for the fog to clear and pray liberally. Now is the time for more significant actions.

觀音靈簽第三十八簽:詩意 Meaning


Clouds and fog have cast a shadow on the moon. Because your wishes have yet to be accomplished, you should let things alone.

觀音靈簽第三十八簽:解曰 Interpretation

家道憂兇 人口有災 祈福保慶 猶恐破財

The family's future seems bleak; calamity or sadness may befall them. Stay positive and pray for protection, but be prepared for any loss of fortune.

觀音靈簽第三十八簽:仙機 Celestial Messages

家宅 Household: 不安 Not safe

自身 Self: 祈保 Pray for protection

求財 Wealth: 難 Challenging

交易 Transaction: 待時 Wait

婚姻 Marriage: 難合 Difficult match

六甲 Birth: 虛驚 False alarm

行人 Traveler: 阻 Obstruction

尋人 Person you seek: 遇 Will meet

公訟 Lawsuit: 和 Amiable settlement

移徙 Migration: 安 Safe

失物 Lost object: 虛 False

疾病 Health & sickness: 延安 Prolonged but will be safe

觀音靈簽第三十八簽:典故 Allegory

何文秀遇難。 窮書生何文秀琅琅書聲。 感動了富家女王瓊珍。 吹簫與之相和。 兩人相愛出奔海寧。 何文秀被陷入獄。 王瓊珍剪髮改容。 歷盡艱辛。 終成眷屬。 (玉钗記)

He Wenxiu faced adversity. The poor scholar He Wenxiu's sound of reading touched the heart of the rich girl Wang Qiong Zhen. They played the flute together, harmoniously. The two fell in love and fled to Haining. He Wenxiu was imprisoned, and Wang Qiong Zhen cut her hair and disguised herself. After enduring hardships, they finally became a couple. (The story of the Jade Hairpin)

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