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Luxury Condominium: The Avenir

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes. Please exercise personal judgement when making a decision. Pictures and videos belong to their owners. We do not have any rights in them. The report is maybe different from actual as we are working on guesses and estimation before construction.

The Avenir Condominium Development has caught my attention as situated in one of Singapore prime location District 9 and expected to TOP in 2024. 2024 in the feng shui world is the beginning of period 9. Each period lasts for 20 years. Coincidentally, it is TOP is in 2024. Indeed as Avenir in French means The Future. There are only a few precious land (寶地) in Singapore as land is limited.

You would notice you are in walking distance to places River Valley, Orchard Road, Clarke Quay, Roberson Quay. The rich and powerful are staying in the area if you are familiar with the neighbourhood. If you know the terrain well enough, there are some slopes which indicates it is located on a hill. You would notice the rich of the world stays on a hill. There are plenty of examples that you can think if you are in the community. Avenir is situated within a distance of Singapore iconic places such as Istana, Fort Canning and Singapore River, which attracts the prosperity and power throughout its history. We would say the land attracts you if you are fated. Sometimes, even with the money that you are unable to obtain a unit in this area. We are a creature of habit and will not move if we are comfortable. It can be a place to invest.

The red dot is the location of The Avenir

Avenir will be developed by Carmel Development Pte Ltd, a consortium of three renowned developers, namely GuocoLand (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Intrepid Investments Pte Ltd and Hong Realty (Private) Limited. This luxury condominium has two 36 storey towers with 376 resident units with a mixture of 1, 2, 3, 4 bedroom layouts.

Developer impression

The land development is located in the East facing direction 坐震宮,向兌宮. It is not necessary in the same direction as for the unit. Individual unit has its facing direction because of the modern architecture design, unlike the past. Hence, further calculation is required to match the individual birth chart. Towers are named with auspicious meaning such as 8 for prosperity and 10 for perfect. 9 is the period. Interestingly, we have 8, 9 and 10.

The layout of the development is strategically positioned—the towers, lawn and swimming pool area in the better position in the land. The east and west sectors of the development have created open spaces like the lawn the drive-in area of the development. The towers have missed most of the direct morning and evening sun, which makes the building less hot. My favourite tower will be 8. Not just for the number, the sector is the most vibrant 生氣 and located further inside of the development. Energy can be pulled into the furthest part, which is Tower 8. You will notice Tower 8 will have more attention than Tower 10. Hence, it is indeed wise that the developer has created smaller units in this area. In the future, we can see more sales volume and profits in 8 than 10. Tower 10 has lesser activities which may be more suited for a more stable and long-term stay. Because of less activity, it is compensated by gathering energy (氣) in tower 10.

This is one of the excellent properties to look at for now. We have different birth details and family history. You may contact us if you have the interest and would like us to accompany you to the show flat. We are not property agents. We can add value to your home in areas such as stack, floor number, unit number, bedrooms allocation, layout and so on. I strongly encourage those who can afford to look at this.

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