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The Best Small Businesses to Start in a Recession According to Your 5 Element Principle

Yes, you can still start a small business during a recession. Recession is a water element base situation where it concerns with the liquidity of assets and finances. Starting any small business in a recession, we can look at some business ideas that are viable during a downturn. As the economy recovers, they will still be sustainable businesses that will prosper.

Wood Element: Bulk Food Sales

Suitable for people born to need the element: Wood, Fire, Metal

When economic times are tough, many people buy food in bulk. They buy large quantities of items like flour, sugar, laundry detergent and any other staple products they use on a long-term basis. A good idea for a small business is a bulk food operation that services these bulk shoppers.

Wood Element: Resume-Writing Services/ Coaching

Suitable for people born to need the element: Wood, Fire, Metal

During a recession, unemployment is high. Many people lose their jobs. Along with unemployment, underemployment (where people aren't working up to their potential) is also rampant. Everyone is looking to polish up their resume. There is a demand for experienced resume writers, another business you can run out of your home.

Wood Element: Home Staging

Suitable for people born to need the element: Wood, Fire, Metal

Staging a home before you sell it has become a hot business. During a recession, it is especially difficult to sell a home. A home stager is very important. Simply put, a home stager makes your house look excellent and appealing to possible buyers. They know what buyers want and how to make your home appeal to them. If you are an interior decorator, this is a recession-resistant business for you.

Metal Element: Auto Repair Services

Suitable for people born to need the element: Metal, Water, Wood

Auto repair services grow by leaps and bounds during a recession. The last thing people want to do during a recession is to make a large purchase like a car. They try to keep their current cars running instead. If you are an unemployed auto mechanic or if you are a business manager who wants to start an auto repair business, you're in luck during a recession. It's probably one of the best companies you can start. Even when the recession is over, there is always a demand for auto mechanics.

Metal Element: Handyman (or woman) Services

Suitable for people born to need the element: Metal, Water, Wood

During a recession, people need repair services because they don't usually have the money to buy new things. Maybe someone has a leaky roof that can be patched instead of the entire roof replaced. There are clogged sinks and clogged plumbing. Problems with appliances. Any number of small things that don't require licensed professionals, at least not in the short-run. This is a business where there is almost no initial investment unless you need to add to your tool collection, and you can earn money reasonably quickly.

Note: People who are born to need earth element is good not to make drastic moves. It is wise to take advantage of their current situation instead of looking for new ones. Strong earth people can grow in recession as they are reliable and robust like the mountain.

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