The Truth behind Bazi

Updated: May 28, 2020

Bazi is known for its fortune-telling ability which surrounded itself with a lot of mystical powers. I beg to differ. I like to s as a form of advance profiling techniques which is used in an anthropological study. Chinese had challenged themselves to advance with data to predict possible outcome through profiling. However, it is old data. It has not progressed forward for a long time. The foundation of Archetypes may stem from Chinese heritage given Carl Gustav Jung’s (famous western psychologist in early 19 century) interest in early Asian civilization.

Chinese has categorized people or objects based on behaviour or pattern in terms of five elements, twelve horoscopes, nine numbers and so on. Some of these essential building blocks have evolved into more advance techniques to create cycles like Bazi. It is not your destiny as per se from some self-claimed expert. This information lacks the effort from current scholar to give further application and justification of the modern situation.

Let’s look at some of the commonly known classifications:

1. 5 Elements

a. Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal

b. The elements are the basic building block of mother nature with the exemption of air. Air was not included as it did not manifest as a physical form like the mentioned five elements.

c. Wise men observed the individual element characteristic and drew a relationship with people’s behaviour. However, it is far too simple for today society. Some people may more than one element.

2. 12 Horoscopes

a. Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Dragon, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig

b. This is a later form of categorization from 5 elements which may derive from wise men observation of animal when they are hunting. They observed and formed relationships with the animals they see. However, dragons are the only exceptions. It may be an animal mistaken for its coincidental mystical abilities.

c. The animals are arranged in the order of the characters they represent. Old folks had the passion and creativity to turn data into exciting stories for their descendants to remember better. This may exist before the invention of wall art, paper and ink.

3. 9 Nine numbers

a. 5 represented by earth located in the centre. 6 represented by metal in the NW sector. 1 represented by water in the N sector. 8 represented by the earth in the NE sector. 3 represented by wood in the E sector. 4 represented by wood in the SE sector. 9 represented by fire in the S sector. 2 represented by the earth in the SW sector. 7 represented by metal in the W sector. (*NW, N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W are the eight directions)

b. This is a form of categorization of directions and environmental characteristic first represented through IChing before numbers appears. (IChing is a vast form of knowledge base.)

c. Wise men draw observation from environments and further relate to people.

We know that this kind of observation and naming systems are the practices of tribes. They give names of healthy animals to provide recognition to honour warriors. It is speculated base on logical cognitive processes from many years of the studies in psychological and Chinese metaphysics field. This old data does not have any documented early origins. It is still a mystery to many. You may disagree with me on my opinions. But I would like to emphasize the superstitious evocations of some experts to believers to benefit their gains. Destiny is in your hands. Do not let others determine your self-worth. We should treat this technique with a modern cognitive approach and practitioner like a life coach to help seekers improve their lives.

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