Tip #04: Zhu Ge Liang Art of war: Making of a General 將材

Nine qualities

1) Possess moral value and understand hardship

2) Do not engage with unethical dealing. Willing to uphold justice

3) Able to adapt to situation and be unpredictive. Proactive.

4) Able to motivate his company. Treat everyone equally.

5) Charisma of a leader. Highly experienced. Know the work well.

6) First to go into action. Last to leave.

7) Always put effort into all situations regardless big or small.

8) Do not work to please others. Able to do what is better for the situation.

9) Able to take responsibility and have wits to handle all situations.

Thoughts to ponder:

Can I be a leader?

What type of leader can I be?

How much commitment do I have for my team?

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