Tip #05: Zhu Ge Liang Art of war: General Conduct 將器

Purposes of a leader:

1) Compassionate, loyal to country, well verse in multiple fields, practice justice and equality.

2) Public service is a top priority.

3) Behave in proper conduct and etiquette fit as a leader in words and actions.

4) Remain vigilant against crafty ones to prevent disaster.

5) Possess multiple strategies, bravery to make changes and implementing practicality.

6) Symbol of justice, courageous, passion and understanding.

7) Willing to put effort, keep promises and good governance.

Thoughts to ponder:

Am I putting others first?

Do I give my actions and words enough thought?

How can I be more compassionate?

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I am not your usual geomancer. I put effort into where the heart matters most.

My passion didn't started as a business idea. It began with a curious mind.  Feng Shui is not a religion. It is a lifestyle where we work, sleep, eat, and cook matters in the flow of energy.