Tip#01: Want to learn Feng Shui?

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

This method is based on observation. There are 2 schools; form or known as observation and compass or known as calculation. One could not do without the other. It is best use in combination.

Complete Four Mystical Beast Symbol 四神齐全: Auspicious house 吉宅

When four mystical beast symbols appear in the house surrounding; phoenix 朱雀 (open space) in the front, dragon tortoise 玄武 (mountain) at the back, green dragon 青龙 (left side; running river) and white tiger 白虎 (right side; quiet road). It is said that when these four conditions are fulfilled, it brings dwellers good fortune and off spring.

Consider: Mountain shelters away from strong winds. Crops can be planted in the front with good ventilation to house. River can be a good source of food and water. Road can be a means of transportation.



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