What Makes Good Feng Shui Backing?

Updated: May 28, 2020

Learn to create good feng shui backing in your home and office

Good feng shui backing means having reliable, secure, supportive, good energy at your place. This usually applies to your office (the area behind your back while you are working at your desk) and your bedroom (the wall behind your bed/behind your headboard).

How does a good feng shui backing look?

Here are some examples of good feng shui backing in your bedroom, your office, as well as outside your house.

Your Office:

1) A solid wall behind your back.

2) Supported by art with strong resonate energy with the direction, or the actual image of the mountain.

3) No negative energy, sharp edges are pointing at your back or facing entrances.

Your Bedroom:

1) A solid wall behind the bed.

2) Strong wall colour or art with sensual energy.

3) No heavy items, such as shelves or light fixtures on the back wall.

4) No beam above the headboard.

What can you do to create good feng shui backing?

Each case will be unique, but we look for subtle feng shui cures as expressed in modern decor items so that we can blend good design and taste to the overall design and layout.

Good feng shui backing is about creating an intense energy of protection. This will create supportive feng shui energy that will help keep your personal energy levels up.

And how can you strengthen your backing if it does not have good feng shui?

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