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Introducing the Big Air Purifier 606c in vibrant green, the perfect solution for creating a cleaner and healthier environment. This compact cleaner delivers exceptional air quality with its powerful motor and innovative features.


The Big Air Purifier 606c boasts a strong motor that efficiently circulates and filters the air, quickly removing pollutants and allergens. So breathe in the fresh, purified air and experience the rejuvenating effects it brings to your space.


Measuring L21cm x W21cm x H18cm, this compact cleaner fits seamlessly into any room or office, providing effective purification without taking up valuable space. In addition, its sleek and modern design complements any interior decor, adding a touch of elegance to your surroundings.


The Big Air Purifier 606c includes a 250ml solution of our specially formulated purity solution. This unique blend works hand in hand with the cleaner to enhance its air-cleansing capabilities, capturing even the tiniest particles and leaving your space feeling crisp and revitalised.


Say goodbye to stale air and hello to a breath of fresh air with the Big Air Purifier 606c. Take control of your indoor environment and enjoy the benefits of cleaner, purer air. Experience the difference it makes in your daily life and embrace a healthier lifestyle today.

Big Air purifier 606c green with purity 250ml solution

S$68.00 Regular Price
S$54.40Sale Price

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