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SoulScribe Divinations

iChing Insight: Illuminate Your Path, Empower Your Journey.

  • 38 Singapore dollars
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Service Description

If you find yourself grappling with burning questions, seeking direction, or desiring a fresh perspective, our iChing consultation is here to illuminate your path. During each session, we encourage you to follow this structured format to enhance the effectiveness of your inquiry: 1. **Introduction:** - Your Name - Date of Birth & Country 2. **Setting the Scene:** - Briefly share your current situation 3. **The Art of Inquiry:** - Clearly state your question using the following format: - Your Question 4. **Navigating Through Wisdom:** - Identify the problem by probing with questions like Who, What, Which, When, and How. - Observe the situation and gain insights into the dynamics at play. 5. **Shifting Perspectives:** - Adopt a new perspective by exploring the changes foreseen through the iChing reading. - Consider how these changes can be turned into opportunities. A few considerations for optimal engagement: - **What We Don't Analyze:** - Things beyond your control. - Situations with predetermined outcomes. - Matters lacking foreseeable outcomes. - Issues unrelated to you. - Matters of moral ambiguity. **Disclaimer:** - **Urgent or Life-and-Death Matters:** - We do not address urgent or life-and-death situations. - Please seek relevant professional help in such cases. - **Limitations of Advice:** - Understand that we may not have answers to all questions. - The advice provided serves as an alternative perspective for informed decision-making. - We do not assume responsibility for your actions following our guidance. Embrace the wisdom of iChing as a tool for introspection and empowerment. Let our service be a beacon guiding you towards better judgment and newfound opportunities.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy allows you to cancel your reservation within a specified timeframe without any charges or penalties. The exact timeframe depends on your booking type. If you cancel within this timeframe, you'll receive a full refund if applicable. If you cancel outside the designated timeframe or fail to show up, cancellation fees may apply. The amount depends on your booking's terms and conditions. For modifications to your booking, please contact customer support. We'll try to accommodate your request, subject to availability and any applicable modification fees. In case of unforeseen circumstances (force majeure), we reserve the right to modify or cancel reservations outside the cancellation timeframe. Special promotions or packages may have additional terms and conditions. Please review them during the booking process. Please review the full cancellation policy when booking, as terms may change. Contact customer support for any questions or clarification.

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