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When is the best time to seek for Bazi consultation?

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How do I prepare for a Bazi consultation?

You need to find out your date and time of birth.


Can I change my destiny?

Destiny can be change based on the decisions we make now, the people we surround ourselves with and the places we live in. We cannot change our date of birth and time, however, we can make wise decisions based on the information we have.


Is Feng Shui or Bazi a religion?

It does not involve in worshiping any deity. It is a tool that help to analyse your situation in the timing, self and place. People misunderstand that it is religion because some masters include religion rituals in their Feng Shui practices.


How soon does Feng Shui effects take place?

Usually few weeks to as long as 3 months. A season is a period of 3 months.


How long can the effects of Feng Shui last?

It could last for years depending on the house direction and maintenance. A house is like your body, it requires maintenance and supplements. The better you maintain your house Feng Shui, the better your house can protect you.


Can I seek second opinion from another master?

A)It is alright to seek another master’s opinion. However, I recommend not more than 3 masters so as to avoid confusion. It is ok to resist a master advice if it does not make sense to you.


Should I start with Feng Shui or Bazi?

It depends on your needs and situation. If you are buying or renovating your house, our package will include Bazi reading within the Feng Shui package. Feng Shui is a more powerful tool to help you improve your Bazi by combining the elements under one roof. Bazi reading is helpful for raising one’s self-awareness and understanding to take the necessary actions to improve current living conditions.


Is it necessary to see Feng Shui yearly?

It depends on your needs. The yearly Feng Shui readings are more suited for people who does business and sales where they need to rejuvenate energy so that they are always in top form. Layering of Feng Shui techniques can give your energy a boost. The master will stack the following Feng Shui techniques to suit your needs: •Foundation level where things do not change unless the direction changes which is almost impossible. oIdentify your house facing and sitting direction oYour stove, bed locations oYour wealth, academic and health position •20 years of land luck oUsing the period energy •Yearly Feng Shui readings oThe aim is to use the energy of the particular year to enhance opportunities and minimise the risks in your life during that period.


When is the best time to consult for Feng Shui ?

You can seek to balance the energy forces in your home or workplace more effectively anytime. However, for a new home or office purchase, its best to consult the Feng Shui master as early as possible. Different stages of the house process call for different needs. We help you at various stages: •Selection of houses/ office location •Shopping for interior designers •Building a house •During renovation •Before move-in •After move-in For instance when selecting a house, one can choose a house that is most ideal to fit the owners’ and occupants’ Bazi requirements. This would save you a lot time and effort in the long-run.

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