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Feng Shui Services

Discover the transformative power of Harmonic Space Planning. Rooted in ancient Feng Shui principles, our service is designed to balance and harmonize the energies of your living or working spaces, promoting prosperity, health, and overall well-being.

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Service Features:

  1. Qi Assessment:

    • Comprehensive evaluation of the current Qi flow in your space.

    • Identification of energy blockages and imbalances.

  2. Harmonious Design Blueprint:

    • Tailored designs ensuring the free and positive flow of Qi.

    • Utilizing the principles of Yin (Space) and Yang (User) for an optimal balance.

  3. Time-Resonant Adjustments:

    • Factoring in the birth times of primary users to enhance personal Qi resonance.

    • Offering insights into ideal times for significant events or changes based on time-based Qi cycles.

  4. Implementation of the Five Phases:

    • Incorporation of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood elements to ensure a dynamic and balanced energy flow.

    • Recommendations on decor, placement, and design based on these phases.

  5. Personalized Action Plans:

    • Providing actionable steps for users to engage with their harmonized spaces.

    • Tips on maintaining and enhancing the space's Qi flow over time.

  6. Eight Trigram Classification:

    • Categorizing items, designs, and even personal energies using the ancient Eight Trigram system.

    • Offering insights into optimal placements, designs, and interactions based on this classification.


  • Enhanced well-being, mental clarity, and productivity.

  • Improved relationships and interpersonal interactions within the space.

  • Elevated prosperity and opportunities.

  • Reduced stress and negative energies.

Why Choose Our Harmonic Space Planning Service?

Experience a life in balance with environments designed to resonate with your personal energies and aspirations. Whether it's a home, office, or any other space, our expert practitioners ensure that every element is in perfect harmony with the principles of Feng Shui and Qi Planning. Elevate your living and working experiences to new levels of positivity and potential.


Unleash Positive Energy, Transform Your Life. 

Invest in Your Harmonious Future Today.

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Home Selection: $888 per unit

Desk Selection: $288 per unit

Office Selection: $1088 per unit

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Basic: $888

🏢 HDB (3 rooms & above):


🌆 Condominium (3 rooms & above):


🏡 Landed Properties:


feng shui

Retail / Offices

🖥️ Desk: $388

🛍️ Office/Retail (less than 60 Sqm): $3088

🏢 Office/Retail (60-100 Sqm):


🌇 Office/Retail (Larger than 100 Sqm):

$38 per Sqm


Hotel Royal Building, 36 Newton Road #01-05 , Singapore 307964

+65 8721 8811

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