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IChing Divination: Finding Answers

IChing Divination: Finding Answers

If you are grappling with burning questions, seeking direction, or desiring a fresh perspective, our iChing consultation is here to illuminate your path.

    • Introduction:
      • Share your Name, Date of Birth & Country for personalized insights.
    • Setting the Scene:
      • Briefly describe your current situation to contextualize your inquiry.
    • The Art of Inquiry:
      • Formulate your question clearly, using the format:
        • "What guidance does the I Ching offer regarding [Your Question]?"
    • Navigating Through Wisdom:
      • Identify the core of your query by exploring questions like Who, What, Which, When, and How.
      • Gain insights into the underlying dynamics influencing your situation.
    • Shifting Perspectives:
      • Explore the potential changes foreseen through the I Ching reading.
      • Discover opportunities within these changes and how they can benefit you.
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