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Premium Feng Shui: Harmonic Spaces

Premium Feng Shui: Harmonic Spaces

Design the perfect atmosphere in your home or office with Harmonic Spaces: Feng Shui Lite from Won Yan Consult. Let us guide you through the transformative journey of Feng Shui, creating a balanced environment that fosters harmony, growth, and success. With our expertise, unleash the power of positive energy and achieve greater balance in your relationships.

    • In-depth Analysis Report: Detailed Feng Shui drawings and explanations.
    • Bazi Profiling: Personalized profiling for family members or key personnel.
    • Date Selection: Optimal dates for important events.
    • Site Visits: Pre- and move-in visits are needed to ensure proper Feng Shui setup.
    • Consultation: 90-minute session with owners to discuss findings and recommendations.

    Qi Assessment:

    • Comprehensive evaluation of the current Qi flow in your space.
    • Identification of energy blockages and imbalances.

    Harmonious Design Blueprint:

    • Tailored designs ensuring the free and positive flow of Qi.
    • Utilizing the principles of Yin (Space) and Yang (User) for an optimal balance.

    Time-Resonant Adjustments:

    • Factoring in the birth times of primary users to enhance personal Qi resonance.
    • Offering insights into ideal times for significant events or changes based on time-based Qi cycles.

    Implementation of the Five Phases:

    • Incorporation of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood elements to ensure a dynamic and balanced energy flow.
    • Recommendations on decor, placement, and design based on these phases.

    Personalized Action Plans:

    • Providing actionable steps for users to engage with their harmonized spaces.
    • Tips on maintaining and enhancing the space's Qi flow over time.

    Eight Trigram Classification:

    • Categorizing items, designs, and even personal energies using the ancient Eight Trigram system.
    • Offering insights into optimal placements, designs, and interactions based on this classification.
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