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PRODUCT DETAILS: This listing is for a single (1) Unakite Elastic Bracelet with 8mm Beads. Please note that the photos are stock photos of a few Elastic Bracelets. Our bracelets are made with natural crystals and gemstones, so each pair will have variations in natural characteristics such as color and exact bead size.


Crystals & Stones: Unakite
Bead Size (Approximate): 8mm Beads
Type: Elastic Bracelet
Bead Shape: Round
Surface: Polished


PLEASE NOTE: To prolong the life of your bracelet, we recommend that you do not swim, shower, or bathe with it on. Exposure to water can weaken the band and knots and cause erosion on the clasp if you choose a metal alloy clasp. We also recommend taking your bracelet off before going to sleep and not stretching or playing with it to limit the chances of it getting caught on something and snapping the band.



Intentions: Balance, Grounding, Emotional Healing
Chakra: Heart, Third Eye
Elements: Wood & Fire


Unakite Meaning and Properties:
Unakite is a stone of vision, balancing emotions with spirituality. It is also believed to provide grounding when needed and to help release energetic blockages that may be impeding your personal growth. Unakite resonates with the Heart Chakra and Third Eye Chakra, making it a powerful ally for emotional healing and spiritual insight.


  • Emotional Balance: Unakite is known to harmonize and balance emotions, helping to foster a calm and stable emotional state. It is beneficial for those dealing with stress, anxiety, or grief.
  • Spiritual Growth: By linking the Heart and Third Eye Chakras, Unakite enhances spiritual insight and intuition, encouraging personal and spiritual growth.
  • Grounding: The energy of Unakite is strongly connected to the Earth element, promoting grounding and stabilizing energies that can help you stay connected to the present moment.


Precious and semi-precious gemstones have been used for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing since recorded history. Healers all over the world are using healing crystals and stones. The crystals and stones should not be used as a prescription, diagnosis, or treatment of any medical condition or ailment. The information we provide is purely metaphysical and is by no means medical. Crystal healing is not an independent therapy but one that is part of a holistic healing approach. By using this site and associated materials, you acknowledge and agree that you personally assume responsibility for using or misusing this information.

Unakite Bracelet 8mm


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