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Jason is a knowledgeable, committed and very patient pratictioner. He cares alot for the people he meets and is always willing to share his knowledge with us when we have questions. He would go the extra mile in his services for others.

Very thankful for being able to engage his services. During the sharing sessions, we have gained more insights about our surroundings, areas we could improve as well as valuable knowledge about Metaphysics.

Would highly recommend him for his work!

Emi Jze


At Won Yan Trading & Consultancy Pte Ltd, we believe in unlocking your potential and taking control of your life through personalized home feng shui services. Our combination of traditional and modern methods will help you balance the energies of your environment and find new opportunities for success and well-being. If you're interested in exploring the world of uncertainty, fill out the form below to learn more - life is more than just money.

+65 8721 8811

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