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Analyzing the Correlation Between Bitcoin Halving Events and Chinese Zodiac Symbols: A Data-Driven Approach


The study explores the potential interrelation between Bitcoin halving events and Chinese zodiac symbols, employing a meticulous analysis of historical data. The evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, offers a unique lens through which to explore correlations between financial phenomena and symbolic astrological representations.

Section 1: Bitcoin Halving and the Year of the Dragon

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In the nascent days of Bitcoin, specifically during the inaugural halving event in 2012, the cryptocurrency experienced a substantial surge in value. This surge bears a resemblance to the symbolic traits associated with the Year of the Dragon, as highlighted in the surge's characteristics of power and good fortune (CoinDesk, 2021).

Section 2: The Second Halving and the Year of the Monkey

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Moving forward to the second Bitcoin halving event in 2016, which metaphorically aligns with the Year of the Monkey, an intriguing correlation emerges. Historical data indicates a distinct bullish trend following the halving, showcasing characteristics reflective of the monkey's intelligence and resourcefulness (PlanB, 2019).

Section 3: Bitcoin Halving and the Year of the Rat

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The third Bitcoin halving in 2020, corresponding with the Year of the Rat, unveiled a notable upward trajectory in Bitcoin's value. Historical data suggests that the rat's adaptability and ability to thrive in conditions of scarcity might have influenced the post-halving performance of Bitcoin (Miao & Ramdhani, 2020).

Section 4: Harmonizing with Water - Rat, Monkey, and Dragon

References for Section 4:

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Examining the water signs—Rat, Monkey, and Dragon—in the Chinese zodiac, associated with adaptability, intelligence, and power, offers insights into the fluid dynamics of Bitcoin's value (Wang, 2019). These qualities may contribute to the intricate market movements observed during and after Bitcoin halving events.


In conclusion, the amalgamation of empirical observations and the metaphorical alignment of Bitcoin halving events with Chinese zodiac symbols provides a nuanced perspective for investors and analysts navigating the crypto cosmos (Narayanan et al., 2016; Casey & Vigna, 2018). This study contributes to the evolving dialogue surrounding the intricate dynamics of cryptocurrency markets, bridging the realms of data analysis and symbolic representation.

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