How can you tell if you are suffering from bad feng shui?

Updated: May 28, 2020

I have been asked this question, and my advice has been for people to get into the habit of developing awareness of their surroundings. Be sensitive to the occurrence of things going wrong, especially when there seems to be a pattern and a frequency that seems to suggest a spate of bad luck. Bad luck caused by feng shui happens continuously.

Your environment and the physical structures emanate many different energies. These energies may be a benefit or purpose you to suffer. In other words, they can bring exact or bad luck. So, you need to understand your property feng shui, and you may advantage extra excellent if you increase sensitivity to how these energies affect your residing area. The best time to check the feng shui of your space is before you make your purchase or before renovation.

Consciously monitor subtle changes in the area and time dimensions of your property. Feng shui is all about changing the energies of area and time. So, observe the flow as you walk via your area. If your flow is meandering and leisurely, the energies can be auspicious than if the drift is direct and fast. Too many corners will disrupt your flow and usually bad news. Your life will no longer be smooth. Obstacles frequently deter you from reaching your goals. When your flow keeps coming to a stop, the same effect occurs. Be sensitive to how you have to move inside your space utilizing the manner you placed your furniture, or by using the layout of your rooms and the way you have placed your furniture inside them.

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