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Kwan Yin Qian Lot 77 觀音靈簽第七十七簽

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Kwan Yin Qian Moderate

捧璧歸趙 (中籤)

The return of the Heshi jade to Zhao

觀音靈簽第七十七簽:吉凶宮位 Lot Verse

【中籤午宮】夢中說得是多財,聲名雲外總虛來; 水遠山遙難信實,貴人指點笑顏開。

How much money do you see in your dreams? What is a name if not an empty word? Things discovered beyond the seas and mountains are difficult to believe. Only assistance from a customer will make you happy.

觀音靈簽第七十七簽:詩意 Meaning


Treasures can only be found in dreams, and many things are not what they appear to be.

觀音靈簽第七十七簽:解曰 Interpretation

如夢說夢 聲名莫望 只待好時 貴人指示

Dreams are dreams; do not want fame. Wait for the right opportunity to be guided by your outstanding patron.

觀音靈簽第七十七簽:仙機 Celestial Messages

家宅 Household: 祈福 Pray for blessings

自身 Self: 阻 Obstruction

求財 Wealth: 虛 False

交易 Transaction: 難成 Difficult to be successful

婚姻 Marriage: 不合 Not suitable

六甲 Birth: 虛 False

行人 Traveler: 遲 Will be late

尋人 Person you seek: 杳 Distant and out of sight

公訟 Lawsuit: 和 Amiable settlement

移徙 Migration: 待時 Wait

失物 Lost object: 遠 Far

疾病 Health & sickness: 設送 Pray to send the illness away

觀音靈簽第七十七簽:典故 Allegory

完璧歸趙。 春秋時代。 秦強趙弱。 秦王欲十五城交換和氏璧。 趙國大夫藺相如攜璧至秦。 見秦王欲占不換此璧。 藺相如以砸碎和氏璧相要。 最後終可攜璧歸趙。

The story of returning the jade to Zhao. During the Spring and Autumn period, the state of Qin was strong while Zhao was weak. The King of Qin wanted to exchange 15 cities for the He's jade. Lin Xiangru, a minister of Zhao, took the jade to Qin. Upon seeing the King of Qin's intention to take the jade without making the exchange, Lin Xiangru threatened to smash the jade. In the end, Lin Xiangru was able to bring the jade back to Zhao.

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