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Kwan Yin Qian Lot 55 觀音靈簽第五十五簽

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Kwan Yin Qian Moderate

周武王登位 (中籤)

Emperor Zhou ascended the throne.

觀音靈簽第五十五簽:吉凶宮位 Lot Verse

【中籤醜宮】父賢傳子子傳孫,衣食豐隆只靠天; 堂上椿萱人快樂,饑飯渴飲困時眠。

A good parent instils virtue in his children. Heaven will supply all of their wants and needs. The elderly in the family are happy and fulfilled because their hunger and thirst have been satisfied.

觀音靈簽第五十五簽:詩意 Meaning


Stack the bamboo along a path that leads to a brook. What you want will come to you by chance.

觀音靈簽第五十五簽:解曰 Interpretation

接竹引泉 流傳不絕 君子謀望 無不欣悅

Like bamboo poles connected to a spring, this will last for generations. Whatever an upright guy pursues will be full of joy and delight.

觀音靈簽第五十五簽:仙機 Celestial Messages

家宅 Household: 欠安 (大吉) Lacks safety (Very auspicious)

自身 Self: 還願 (大吉) Redeem a wish (Very auspicious)

求財 Wealth: 利 Favorable

交易 Transaction: 成 Successful

婚姻 Marriage: 合 (遇佳婿) Suitable (Finds a good spouse)

六甲 Birth: 平安 (生肖子) Safe (Filial son)

行人 Traveler: 動 On the move

尋人 Person you seek: 難 (見) Challenging (Meet)

公訟 Lawsuit: 有貴人 You will receive help from others

移徙 Migration: 吉 Propitious

失物 Lost object: 見 Will be found

疾病 Health & sickness: 禳星(得 祖蔭) Pray to dispel ominous stars (Would be protected by your ancestors)

觀音靈簽第五十五簽:典故 Allegory

周武王伐紂。 八百諸侯戰商軍。 朝歌兵卒倒戈相向。 紂王於摘星樓上自焚。 商朝滅亡。 武王受冊寶。 即天子位。 面南垂拱端坐。 武王命散鹿台之財。 拆毀摘星樓。 發巨橋之粟。 釋箕子之囚。 封比干之墓。 式商容之閭。 放內宮之人。 又偃武修文。 歸馬於南山之陽。 放牛於桃林之野。 一片安樂景象。

King Wu of Zhou's expedition against King Zhou of Shang. Eight hundred feudal lords fought against the army of the Shang Dynasty. The soldiers of Chaoge turned their weapons against each other. King Zhou burned himself on the Zhaixing Tower. The Shang Dynasty was annihilated. King Wu received the imperial mandate and ascended to the throne. He sat facing south, holding court.

King Wu ordered the treasure of Lutai to be distributed. The Zhaixing Tower was demolished. The grain stored in Juqiao was distributed. The prisoner Ji Zi was released. The tomb of Bi Gan was honored. The community of Shang Rong was recognized. The women of the inner palace were released. Moreover, he emphasized civil virtues over martial valor. He returned the horses to the sunny side of the South Mountain and released the cattle into the fields of the Peach Forest. A scene of peace and happiness was thus presented.

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