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Mirrors in the Bedroom Cause Problems

Mirrors possess a special form of energy which can either be very good or very bad. The one place where mirrors can do a great deal of harm is in the bedroom. Mirrors are a major taboo in the bedroom. Here, mirrors cause havoc in a couple's marriage and love life. Mirrors give a sense of yin energy and sometimes the appearance of a "third party". If you must have a mirror in your bedroom, keep it closed, or covered.

No mirrors on the ceiling please!

One should be very careful about mirrors that face the bed directly. This can happen when built-in cupboards have mirror doors that directly reflect the bed. Feng shui masters attribute the poor health, rocky marriages to the negative effect of mirrors reflecting the bed. It gives us a sense of insecurity. Worst, it will affect our mental health state.

In feng shui, the mirror is a metal element that gives yin energies which then the imbalance of energies of the sleeping couple. Some may be affected more than others.

The bedroom is the room we occupy for long nocturnal hours, and we prefer not to have mirrors anywhere near or to reflect us. It is wise to keep the mirrors far out of sight from our sleeping position.

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