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Navigating Lunar New Year Traditions: A Journey Through Customs and Taboos


As we enter the joyous celebration of the Lunar New Year, it's not just about festive decorations and mouthwatering feasts. The fifteen days of the Lunar New Year bring a tapestry of customs and taboos that add depth and significance to the festivities. Join us on a captivating journey through the faceless video exploration of these traditions that have been passed down through generations.

Respecting Elders:

Our journey begins with the sacred act of paying respects to the elders. A symbolic bow, a gesture of honour and filial piety, sets the tone for the entire celebration. This timeless tradition embodies the values of respect and family unity that lie at the heart of Lunar New Year celebrations.

Red Envelopes and Blessings:

Married individuals play a significant role in spreading joy by distributing red envelopes. Clad in vibrant red, these envelopes carry monetary gifts and wishes for prosperity, good fortune, and blessings for the upcoming year. With its symbolism of luck, Red becomes a beacon of positive energy for all.

Avoiding the Shattered Wealth:

Breaking glass during the New Year is an act carefully avoided, as it symbolises the breaking of wealth. The meticulous act of wrapping shattered fragments in red paper carries a beautiful wish for a year filled with peace and safety, transcending the accidental mishap into a meaningful tradition.

Crying and Laughter:

In these joyous days, a child's cry is believed to bring misfortune. Therefore, families avoid tear-inducing movies and songs, filling their homes with laughter and happiness. It's a reminder to focus on positivity and celebrate the new beginnings with joy.

Steering Clear of Sharp Objects:

Avoiding knives and scissors during this period is a safety measure and a cultural practice. If used carelessly, these tools may sever paper and one's financial path, leading to unnecessary disputes—a gentle reminder to handle with care.

Borrowing and Lending:

In the spirit of financial harmony, borrowing or lending money during the Lunar New Year is discouraged. Such transactions are seen as potential precursors of financial troubles and are considered cultural taboos—a lesson in financial prudence for the festive season.

Dressing for Prosperity:

The significance of colours in attire is not just a matter of fashion. Traditional beliefs steer clear of black and white during the Lunar New Year, as they are associated with funerals. Vibrant colours take centre stage, symbolising a desire to ward off negativity and embrace good fortune.

Even Numbers and Red Envelope Wisdom:

When gifting red envelopes, adhering to the belief that "good things come in pairs" is a cultural norm. Odd numbers are avoided, ensuring that wishes for prosperity and joy are perfectly aligned—a subtle reminder of the symbolic importance of numbers in traditional customs.

Health and New Beginnings:

Refraining from taking medicine or visiting hospitals during the Lunar New Year is a symbolic gesture toward ensuring good health for the year ahead. While seeking medical attention is vital if illness strikes, the focus remains on embracing a healthy start to the new year.

Staying Indoors on the Third Day:

Families embrace the tradition of staying indoors as the third day is considered less auspicious. This time spent with loved ones ensures a harmonious start to the year, setting the tone for positive experiences and shared moments.


Lunar New Year is not just a celebration; it's a journey through time-honoured traditions that bind families and communities together. As we explore these customs and taboos, let's carry the spirit of respect, joy, and prosperity into the new year. May the coming days be filled with harmony, good fortune, and the warmth of shared traditions. Happy Lunar New Year!

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