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The 10 archetypes of people in Chinese metaphysics: 十神 Ten Gods

Updated: May 28, 2020

The 10 Gods 十神 represents the ten archetypes of people in Chinese metaphysics found in the ancient techniques four pillars 四柱 or bazi 八字. 10 Gods have nothing to do with religion, spirits or something similar. Old wise men understood the influences of the subtle spiritual word on our physical world, as Gods. They did not treat them as external authorities, like it is in religions. They explained the 10 Gods as subtle, heavenly energy landing on Earth through Man and his mind, affecting similar to a bridge between two spheres of existence.

There are two archetypes represented by the yin and yang in each five-element relationship category.

  1. The element which grows your element is called the Resources Archetypes.

  2. The element which controls your element is called the Influence Archetypes.

  3. The element which your element controls is called the Wealth Archetypes.

  4. The element which your element grows is called the Creation Archetypes.

  5. The element which is the same element as yours is called the Friend Archetypes.

Resources Archetypes (正印 Direct Resource、偏印 Indirect Resource)

Direct Resource represents an individual’s origin, culture, family reputation, generally accepted average level of education or knowledge, social position, an individual`s ability to contribute to society by respecting social principles and personal manners.

Indirect Resource represents an unconventional, alternative, eccentric, or even paranormal knowledge, education, upbringing, and behaviour. It represents the different knowledge, actions, and way of thinking of an individual that stands out from the ordinary and general acceptance.

Influence Archetypes (正官 Direct Officer、七殺 Seven Killings)

Direct Officer represents a person that is respectful, just, renowned, and honoured. It also represents everything excellent and appropriate. It predicts status and an official title. The control that Direct Officer has over the Day Master works as leading and guiding through a positive example, as the element of Direct Officer represents noble and positive principles in life.

Seven Killing is aggressive and robust by nature. We find it in soldiers and commanders, police officers, top athletes, propulsive business people, and other professions where fighting, aggressiveness and strength are required. The element of Seven Killing is a trademark of movie superheroes that enthuse and guide the masses. If a person wants to be on the top of a business, then he/she requires Seven Killing, because you need to eliminate the competition and a person with Seven Killing is born to do that.

Wealth Archetypes (正財 Direct Wealth、偏財 Indirect Wealth)

A person with Direct Wealth is responsible, trustworthy, reliable, respectful, principled, and is an upstanding person. It sticks to traditional and reliable sources of income. To them, everything in life has a specific price. The concept of wealth is connected to the ability to control life conditions. Capable, diligent, persistent, decisive, dignified people are sure to earn more than the incapable and lazy.

Indirect Wealth represents enterprising or earning money through calculation and opportunism. A person makes from more indirect sources of income. A person knows how to handle money. It also happens that a person is poor and becomes rich or the person is a visionary that offers a new way to meet specific needs. Big success and earnings can be acquired through Indirect Wealth with something nonstandard or by taking risks that can make a person rich overnight. A person likes to work for himself/herself more than for others.

Creation Archetypes (傷官 Hurting Officer、食神 Eating God)

Hurting Officer represents everything that arises from the Day Master: ideas, speech, creativity, talent, work, achievements, dreams, and ambitions. Hurting Officer allows the Day Master a meaningful existence through goals, dreams, and inspiration. All significant results in art, science, sports, literature, music, and film are due to the influence of Hurting Officer. Hurting Officer does not speak about personality, but about what the person left behind.

Eating God is as creative as the Hurting Officer, but is more focused on enjoying within itself. The person does not feel the need to prove himself/herself outwardly. Hurting Officer is loud, physically skilled, and wants attention, while Eating God looks for peace and a relaxed life. Hurting Officer is a rebel, while Eating God is a schemer. Eating God is looking for fine art, refined food, and drink, while he enjoys using his mind. Hurting Officer is an excellent speaker and salesman, while Eating God is a great strategist and writer.

Friend Archetypes (劫財 Robbery、比肩 Friend)

Rob Wealth has, similarly as the Hurting Officer, somewhat of an advantage in modern times, as a person can climb high with social adaptability, charisma, networking, seduction, bragging, and rumours. In the past, these characteristics were attributed to social climbers, adventurists, and thieves. Rob Wealth has countless social abilities and can speak and persuade, efficiently uses social ties, and asks for favours when needed. Rob Wealth represents the top of corporate and personal success.

Friend is the embodiment of the concept of relatives, equality, and self-worth. It describes relationships or situations, in which all parties are equal and the same. Friend represents an individual’s identity, how they see themselves and their self-worth, confidence, inner strength and willpower.

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