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The Eight Trigrams (八卦) & Family Members

Feng shui utilises a multifaceted system known as the Eight Trigrams. Each side of the Trigram represents the eight individual characters.

This system involves calculations that enable practitioners to determine which position or sector in the house best represents the family. It also allows the practitioner to assess how auspicious the current year is and allow flexibility in choosing the colour and objects to enhance the qi in the home.

Going in a clockwise direction from the top, Li(离) Kun(坤) Dui(兑) Qian(乾) Kan(坎) Gen(艮) Zhen(震) Xun(巽), which, in its context, refers to Fire, Earth, Lake, Heaven, Water, Mountain, Lightning, Wind respectively. If read in a clockwise direction, the concept of the annual cycle of seasons from spring to winter can be derived, starting from Zhen (震). This sequence imprinted on the present feng shui compass known as luopan (罗盘).

Each Trigram corresponds to a member of the family. It is believed to affect those who reside within the different sectors. The northwest sector holds the position of the head figure, which is usually the father. Therefore, he commands the highest authority within the context of the household. However, if the sector is missing, the father role in the family is weakened.

Trigram Direction Family member

Li(离) South Middle Daughter 中女

Kun(坤) Southwest Mother 母

Dui(兑) West Youngest Daughter 少女

Qian(乾) Northwest Father 父

Kan(坎) North Middle Son 中男

Gen(艮) Northeast Youngest Son 少男

Zhen(震) East Eldest Son 長男

Xun(巽) Southeast Eldest Daugther 長女

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