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The Life Of A HUMAN BEING Is Within His One Breath.

This is not an article written by me. I have copied some parts of it to share for people like you and me.

The life of a human being exists within the process of one breath. Once the breath is stopped, the man will die!

Suppose I were able to live for one hundred years. Indeed, among the millions of people, how many can really live for one hundred years?

Just take an average count of the breathing of a man who can breathe sixteen times within a minute, then in an hour he will live 60 x 16 = 960 times. In a day which consists of 24 hours, he will breathe for 24 x 960 = 23040 times. In a year which consists of 365 days, he will live for 365 x 23040 = 8409600 times. Then in a hundred years, he will breathe eight billion four thousand million times.

Whenever I breathe in the air and send it out, I will be losing; one breath...Oh, poor me, every day I lose 23040 breaths. In a year, I will be losing 8409600 breaths. Our lifespan, which amounts to a few tens of years, will come to an end when I have finished sending out the last breath.

From here, we can see that life is indeed short and impermanent!

Some people say," As soon as a child is born, he begins to die".

Indeed, the day we come to the human realm, is also the day when we start walking towards death!

What is in life which is really worth us clinging to?

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Hwee Hwee
Hwee Hwee
Feb 04, 2021

Interesting sharing.. I recently heard about this "As soon as a child is born, he begins to die" too..

we all have the same "destination" in life and that is death.. it is the one way direction that makes life beautiful.. death is inevitable but what we do while we live is what's important. Some great sages never die because they live on in our hearts thru their teachings.. just like lao tzu, Confucius, etc... Even after so many years they are still being remembered.. inherently I think humans want to be remembered to "live forever" that can be best done thru service to others :)



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