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Embrace the East: Why Understanding Chinese Culture and Feng Shui is Vital for Our Future

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Introduction: The Dawning of a New Era

As we approach the end of the Earth Rat zodiac cycle, a new period is upon us: the Metal Rat. This transition marks the beginning of a new era, and with it comes inevitable disruptions and unrest, both in society and the natural world. However, this period also presents a unique opportunity for growth and understanding, especially when it comes to Chinese culture.

The Rising Interest in Chinese Culture

Over the past decade, more and more foreigners have been drawn to China for work, study, and cultural exploration. They immerse themselves in various aspects of Chinese culture, from food and tea to martial arts and Feng Shui. Even famous psychologists like Carl Gustav Jung and Wilhelm Reich have recognized the sophistication of the unconscious mind through Chinese perception, drawing inspiration from sources like Mandala and IChing.

Understanding the Law of Attraction

One key concept from Chinese culture is the law of attraction, which can be traced back to the classical fortune-telling book, 三命通會 (san ming tou hui). The idea is that our thoughts, words, actions, habits, and character all contribute to our destiny. This concept is especially relevant today as we seek balance in our lives and prepare for the global shift in influence from the West to the East.

China's Growing Influence

According to the Chinese abstract calculation 紫白飛星, China's growth and influence will continue to increase from 2044 to 2063. This prediction aligns with Western academic trends, suggesting a significant shift in global power. As the East rises, it's more important than ever to understand and embrace Chinese culture and its impact on our lives.

Call to Action: Seize the First Mover's Advantage

In the spirit of the classic Feng Shui and war strategy text, 奇門遁甲 (Qi men dun jia), we should seize the first mover's advantage and go with the flow. Explore our range of services, including Feng Shui, Bazi, compatibility assessments, date selection, name selection, house selection, number selection, and employee profiling. Contact me at to discuss how we can help you find balance in your life and stay ahead in this new era.


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