Why is the sun so important in feng shui?

As the source of energy and light for life on Earth, the Sun has been a central object in culture and religion since prehistory. It is the bestower of light and life to the totality of the cosmos; with his unblinking, all-seeing eye, he is the stern guarantor of justice; with the almost universal connection of light with enlightenment or illumination, the Sun is the source of wisdom.

In the feng shui analysis, the Sun has a vital role in removing negative. We used date selection as well as feng shui. It is recorded that the Sun will shine and move along the 24 mountains in feng shui across the year's different period. When used correctly, it can harness positive energies.







Sun Orientation in houses when combined with feng shui design. Housing can benefit from admitting the Sun into the building interior. Openings should be primarily orientated southwards, consider the use of conservatories and buffer spaces.

The main aims of daylighting a building are to get significant daylight quantities as deep into the building as possible, maintain a uniform distribution of Sun from one area to another, and avoid visual discomfort and glare.

The two main ways feng shui can work with architects to control the Sun's effects on the building is the rough orientation of the building and the overall design structural layout.

For most residential buildings, openings such as doors and windows are preferably not placed along the east-west axis. In commercial buildings, certain areas are left empty on purpose so that sunlight is allowed into the building envelope with minimum obstructions.

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