Why we all have to see feng shui?

Updated: May 28, 2020

We are living in the 21st century. Are you impressed? We always like to look back and say the best has passed. The future is challenging. We are afraid of our future. Our future is mysterious; an unknown matter. It is also known for infinite possibilities. Merriam-webster.com suggests the future is an expectation of advancement or progressive development. Whereas, Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder and a group of scientists claims that future influences the past (Hmmm... very deep? Wait, it sounds like light years we see from stars). Feng Shui is big data. It still learning and growing. And many claim data is more valuable than gold.

Data now seems more valuable because of technological advances. One can capture any information from your handphone through the apps you download and web page you surf. This information is collected and sold to businesses to help them build their marketing campaign. These marketing campaigns make the value of product and services. They are resulting in a shift in our habits and lifestyle.

Obvious changes:

1) Our shopping patterns

eCommerce are gaining more popularity with people from young to old. It is the new mode of consumers' shopping. There has been an increase in shopping platforms, e-payment platforms and delivery companies around the world to facilitate this activity. eCommerce is an ecosystem of a complete shopping experience causing a shift in physical retail businesses. eCommerce has the advantage to compare prices, search for products and get products in days without moving out of your house. Now, you even have the convenience of grocery shopping just by moving your mouse. You can see more companies are closing down physically and moving their business to an online base. Established companies have normalize prices abroad. Sometimes, there is no need to travel for a better price, especially for luxury goods. More micro brands are emerging. Reliable sources say Singapore has one of the most concentrated for micro brand watches in the world. Consumers have more confidence in online payment and business credibility. More regulations and safety measures are put in place by governments and agencies to help stimulate more growth.

2) Co-working spaces

There are some industries and roles that are replacing technology, causing people to lose jobs and organisational structure to change. In particular, western originated companies has become more linear over the years. More will follow suit because of its attractiveness of reducing operational cost and increasing profit margin. The hierarchy between the employees are also being blurred. Your superior may be the owners themselves. Now, employment dependency of individuals are weaker. We need to upgrade or retrain themselves to meet these demands as the mass will require more white-collar to handle administrative works. Niche of employment will be in the sector that required skilled jobs. Co-working space and home offices give businesses more flexibility. Investment and capital outlay is much lower than before.

3) High expectation of people

"We have eaten the apple given by the Serpent, and we have the means to compare and crave for higher fulfilment." Sounds familiar? The path of higher fulfilment will demand more power. Power today is information. And we need more it. The availability of information through technology gives us more knowledge for our good. Society is breaking down base on information overload. Too much much information and less wisdom. Wisdom to interpret the needs and wants. The influences of wants (temptations) are more significant than needs through value creation through media and peer pressure. The lines between wants and needs are uncleared. People budget their daily expenses so that they can travel beyond their means in style. They are given the borrowed power to spend through credits and causing many to be in debts. We also like freedom. Freedom is also a status of power. However, when freedom is misplaced can lead to devastating effect. Freedom and control is always a balancing act in all matters, starting self, to businesses deal and even government policies.

Despite these factors, the house is still a basic need of a society since early times of civilizations. Land is a valuable resource to build a house. You cannot make a house without land in today's time. Property can be measured physically and will continue to decrease its availability because of global warming and pollution. Capitals of countries have shifted because of land limitations. Housing cost will continue to rise. Your home or properties are a good investment which is more resilient to trade war and economic turmoil (This is not a professional investment advice.). Natural disaster are no longer threatening as before. We have measures set in place to counter like insurance, better building materials, warning indicators and so on.

Properties are a new frontier in matters of technological, business and residential trends. We are likely to spend more time at home than in other places. Picking the right place can help your life better. The saying of everything starts at home and ends at home. It is a complete cycle. Feng Shui is one of the methods to help you make better home choices from the big data. It is not religion. We have techniques and observations in place to help you design or select the right property for the business, home benefiting you intangibility.

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