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2023 Chinese Zodiac Signs and Directions

The ancient way of predicting your year

The upcoming Lunar New Year is a time of celebration. As such, I’d like to extend my greetings to all my early-twenties-era friends and bestow upon you my hopes for a happy, healthy, and fruitful New Year.

Many people believe that because January 22, 2023, is the start of the Spring Festival (New Year) on the Western calendar, the first day of the first lunar month is also the start of the New Year. However, the waiting Tai Sui can only formally assume control on the first day of spring, the 14th day of the first lunar month (February 4, 2023, at 10:47 a.m).

The first solar term, known as “Lichun,” is the first of twenty-four solar terms and begins in spring. Because “li” means “beginning” and “spring” is the beginning of the year, the beginning of spring is the prelude to spring, indicating the beginning of spring when all things recover, and thus it is known as the “start of spring” day.

Yearly Tai Sui I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Tai Sui” before. So, precisely what is Tai Sui? In general, it is believed that a deity is responsible for supervising and supervising every year, and this deity is Jupiter, the most prominent star in the solar system. Jupiter orbits the sun 360 degrees in 12 years, and ancient Chinese astronomers divided a week 360 degrees into twelve signs, represented by the twelve earth branches, zi, chou, yin, mao, chen, si, wu, wei, shen, you, xu, and hai. Because this situation corresponds to the Chinese Thousand Branch Age, the ancients referred to Jupiter as the year star, or the Tai Sui star.

There are 60 Tai Sui years, each with its zodiac sign. For example, the year’s element in 2023 is called yin water, and the zodiac sign is rabbit.

If your zodiac sign is the same as the Chinese zodiac sign, it is called “Offend Tai Sui”; If the zodiac sign coincides with the Chinese zodiac, it is called “Clash Tai Sui”; If the zodiac sign has a penalty relationship, it is called “punishing Tai Sui”, and if the zodiac has a harmed relationship, it is called “harm Tai Sui”: if the zodiac sign has a broken relationship, it is called “breaking Tai Sui”.

In general, “offend Tai Sui” refers to “offending Tai Sui”, “clash Tai Sui”, “punishing Tai Sui”, “harming Tai Sui”, and “breaking Tai Sui”. So, which zodiac sign belongs to the “Tai Sui” in 2023 and requires special attention?

Rabbit Offend Tai Sui Because the rabbit is born under the same sign as this year’s Tai Sui, he is prone to offence and disrespect. As a result, people who are “rabbits” will have a difficult time. Their spirits are low, their work is hampered, their journeys are repeated, and their bodies are ailing.

Rat Punishes Tai Sui This year, Rat is punished with Tai Sui, and “punishment” means being trapped and bound so that Rat will face a lot of right and wrong this year. They are prone to being villains at work and must also pay attention to contract issues, not being guarantors casually to avoid official trouble. Homemakers must avoid disagreements and conflicts with neighbours and friends.

Dragon Harm Tai Sui This year, Dragon and Tai Sui harmed each other, and “harm” means discord, so Dragon will suffer unexpected disasters or face accusations, and their spirits will be greatly troubled.

Horse Break Tai Sui Horse broke Tai Sui this year, and “break” means destroyed. As a result, the horse will have “fewer successes and more failures” this year, so they must take care of their internal affairs and avoid causing or being in trouble.

Avoid orientation

Tai Sui Location Due East(Rabbit palace)( 82.5°-97.5° ) Tai Sui is in a good position. The Tai Sui’s orientation is supreme and must not be violated. In other words, don’t move too old if you want to spend the year in peace. According to Feng Shui, Tai Sui’s position is unsuitable for people or burials. If the direction is broken, people will be stranded, there will be official trouble, marriage changes, unintentional injuries, and stubborn diseases.

Broken Tai Sui Location Due west(Rooster palace)(262.5°-277.5° ) Broken Tai Sui is the opposite palace of the Tai Sui year, and Tai Sui’s opposite palace is in the west. As a result, this direction should be quiet and unmoved, and it is best not to begin earthworks.

Three Killing Location West 西方 (247.5° -292.5°) It is also inappropriate to disturb the three killings by activating and stimulating their fierce spirit, as with the Tai Sui and broken Tai Sui positions. When the three killings are activated, it is straightforward to cause bloody disasters, unintentional injuries, and ruined production. Even if it is an indoor three-killing direction, its ferocity is limited as long as it is kept quiet. The ferocity will increase if you see unfavourable mountain heads in the three killings, such as harmful elements. Consider seeking the assistance of an expert to solve the problem.

Five Yellow Location Northwest(292.5° -337.5° ) The five yellow calamities, also known as the “Lian Zhen Star,” the calamity, accident, bloody disaster, disease, and so on, belong to the “great disease rune star” because the five yellow positions of the calamity descended on the northwest this year, so it is not suitable to activate and must be remembered.

Two Black Location East( 67.5°-112.5° ) Two Black sicknesses, also known as the “giant gate star,” represent the disease rune, plague disease, and other minor disease runes. Because the two black positions of significant illness have descended on this East this year, it is unsuitable for activation and should be remembered.

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