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7 Types of Houses to Avoid Buying

The ancients from China recognise feng shui in high regard in living a holistic life. If the house you live in does not have good feng shui, your fortunes may not be realised in total—the critical factor for the success of starting a family.

I hope you can buy a good house with a rectangular layout and a suitable Feng Shui when buying a house. However, not everyone knows how to distinguish between good and bad feng shui patterns. Asking a professional feng shui master is, of course, an excellent way to solve the problem immediately. Still, it may not be wise to ask the geomancy to accompany you to every house without having a deep pocket, so simply know the location that suits you.

From the external environment to the internal layout, we can filter out some inappropriate houses by ourselves, select a few suitable houses, and then hire a professional feng shui master to help you save money.

With more than 14 years of experience in feng shui, I will point out that "When you buy a house with poor feng shui, sometimes you can't sell it even if the price is discounted!"

Therefore, when choosing a house of your choice, apart from transportation and price. The surrounding environment is the highest priority. Consequently, it is recommended to inspect and observe in advance personally. Landmarks such as gas stations and funeral homes will significantly discount the value-added space in the future, especially the seven types of external shocks that must be guarded against.

  • 路沖 Road Clash

The house is surrounded by roads and rushes straight at the intersection. There is a danger of being hit by a car at any time, incredibly straight to the door. Personal safety is relatively insecure and unpleasant to live in, which significantly impacts housing prices.

  • 無尾巷 Dead Alley

They are known as the dead alley. Residents are prone to wealth, non-official litigation, and disease. The neighbouring house restricts the lighting, and the air is not well convective, which is also the influencing factor. Moreover, the house at the end usually has only a single entrance. Unfortunately, it is difficult for residents to escape in the event of a fire, and fire rescue is not easy, and casualties are heard from time to time.

  • 攔腰煞 Flyover

We have seen flyovers and train tracks outside the house. The traffic is frequent and rapid, and the auditory noise is disturbing and the smell of exhaust gas and vibration on the street. Living in such a condition for a long time will cause the body and mind to suffer intensely, which is not suitable for your health. Moreover, it could lead to a decline in wealth and empty talks.

  • 反弓煞 Bow Shaped Roads

Bow shaped roads or rivers facing the residences are like blades. When vehicles are moving, they are likely to collide directly, or the rivers are likely to be washed away by the water flow. This will cause the residences risk.

On the other hand, the house faces an embracing road or river. It is like being in the arms of a mother. It makes people feel safe and warm. It is a shape that gathers energy.

  • 埋兒煞 Buried

The house is surrounded by high-rise buildings, poor lighting, poor ventilation, long-term living can easily lead to physical insecurity and mental depression. Thus unable to break through career wealth, air transport is also affected and suppressed, and inconveniences occur one after another.

  • 反光煞 Reflecting Light

As its name implies, Reflecting Killing means that the light illuminates the object and reflects into the house, affecting people in the place, making people mentally dull and unable to concentrate.

Most commercial buildings use glass curtains to construct their exterior walls. As a result, sunlight is refracted and reflected directly to neighbouring apartments. This is the case during the day, and you have to guard against it at night. The large illuminated signs in commercial buildings may affect us too. If the illuminated signs face the bedroom, it will affect sleep quality and directly lead to poor mental health, health and fortune.

  • 天斬煞 Heaven Slash

In case of obstacles, the wind direction may change and flow through the gap. The larger the air volume and the smaller the opening, the stronger the wind guiding force, like a blade. Assuming that two independent buildings do not share the same wall, there will inevitably be a gap between the building distances. For example, if the door of a house faces the gap between the two buildings, it will be a situation of "slashing the sky", and it will be exposed to strong winds for a long time. Attacks hinder the quality of living, reduce mental concentration, and threaten lives during natural typhoon disasters.

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At my practice, I use Ba Zi and Feng Shui to provide my clients with a comprehensive assessment of their lives. I take into account the unique energies of a person’s home and surroundings, as well as the energies of the environment and the person’s own destiny. With these insights, I am able to offer my clients assistance to help them reach their goals, and improve their lives.

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