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Agarwood (Oud, Aloewood)

Aquilaria crassna

Common Uses

Grounding, relaxing, natural perfume, muscle spasms, healthy digestion.

Benefits and Uses

When using agarwood oil for aromatherapy, patience is needed. This rare oil is very thick and can be slow to get a drop out of the bottle. The good thing is that one drop can go a long way.

It is frequently used as a base when making natural perfume/cologne. Many also like to enjoy adding this calming oil to their meditation routine. Just inhale the aroma to help you to enter a deeply spiritual state.

  • Strengthens concentration

  • Promotes inner peace and balance

  • Supports healthy digestion

  • Enhances meditation

  • Powerful natural aphrodisiac

  • Soothes ongoing stress

  • Inspires strength and clarity

  • Supports greater personal awareness

  • Eases muscle spasms

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