Decluttering your home creates good energy and sale time

Updated: May 28, 2020

First and foremost, Qi 氣 does not like clutter or chaos, and neither do prospective buyers.

Spring seems like the perfect time for an update on using Feng Shui principles to get your house poised to attract the ideal buyer.

Feng Shui brings in energy, referred to as Qi 氣, to harmonize people to their environment. So when it comes to selling houses, you want to turn up your chi to align with as many potential buyers as possible.

De-cluttering and cleaning is the first step in the process. This means clean, clear counters in the kitchen and bathrooms, no stacks of clothes on the bedroom floors or no stacks of dirty plates and glasses on the bedside tables.


  1. Get rid of the “dumping ground. “

  2. Conquer mail clutter

  3. Reduce the number of dishes to clean

  4. Simplify your laundry routine

  5. Simplify your laundry or utility room

  6. Clean up your bathroom

  7. Linen closet decluttering

  8. Get shoes off the floor.

  9. Decluttering toy clutter

  10. Get the right attitude!

  11. Keep like items together.

Even if you don’t believe in positive energy, these tactics will make your house visually more appealing.

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