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Feng Shui Perspective: How COVID-19 Will Change The Future Of Work

Updated: May 28, 2020

Significant changes are coming to the future of work. Here is what you need to know - and how it will affect you. Future Of Work With more people working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, what is the future of work? For the past few months, you’ve worked at home, done countless Zoom calls, juggled homeschooling, and have tried to maintain composure in the face of uncertainty. How will your job change in the future? Some changes may be temporary until there is a Coronavirus vaccine, while other changes may become permanent. Here are some ways that your job may change due to COVID-19:

1. Get used to working from home

Feng Shui at home will be essential, especially for those who will spend many hours in front of the screen. You will also need to carve out working spaces for you and your spouse. Good energy from your working space needs to be determined. As you are less seen, the chances of promotion are very slim. More video calls and fewer in-person meetings. So productivity will be crucial in your next progression.

2. Get used to being monitored by your employer

Criteria of the promotion will also have to change with job roles. How your employer will monitor, you will be a challenge to them. They may seek innovative ways depending on their management style to monitor you that might disrupt your daily life. Applying leave or time off will be another factor that will be in consideration when you need one. It is wise to discover your birth chart will aid you in landing in the right role and industry according to your five elements.

3. Your office is not entirely disappearing

Your office will be a gathering space for meetings between colleagues and clients instead of desk working space. The office layout will reinvent to fit more shared spaces. We also need to determine your wealth position for cashier, accounts department and so on. Where do you receive your clients? What is the element of your office? Feng Shui can help put your organization in a commanding position to negotiate a better deal.

5. Happiness at work matters

Your happiness at work matters. There are many lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic. As millions of people have lost their job due to COVID-19, many people will start to think critically about their job, where they work, their health, and other financial realities in the wake of Coronavirus. As more people work from home, your work life and personal life will become more connected. This has important implications for your happiness. No longer can you think of your “work-life” and “personal life” as separate? Your happiness at home and work both need to be present. If you’re happy at home and miserable at work, that formula won’t work. One silver lining is this may be your wake-up call to go find more meaningful work and a right feng shui corner in which you feel more inspired and can create impact.

Final Thoughts Business will go on. Life will continue. It just may look different than before. Will all these changes happen at once? Maybe. It depends on your employer, industry, job type, and other financial and non-financial factors. Will these changes become permanent? It is too soon to tell. Employers may test the waters, monitor the public health situation and collect employee feedback. One thing is sure in this uncertain time: changes to the future of work are coming.

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