Feng Shui perspective of Temporary Office Space

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Temporarily space can mean a few forms. One of the forms is Hot Desk which it getting popular. The video below explains the Hot Desk. Can we really thrive on the concept of Temporary space?

Knowing the importance of having a well-balanced Bagua, we might wonder what happens to the significance of Bagua while travelling or living in temporary places. While it's not possible to fully control the energy of each and every temporary space you reside in during extended travel, you can pay attention to the basic feng shui of cleanliness, and you can travel with small figurines or decorative pieces to improve the feng shui of the spaces you visit. You can also attend to the feng shui of your person through the use of jewellery and personal care.

Speak to our consultant to find out what more you can do.

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