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Feng Shui Principle

It is not clear when the principles of Feng shui start. However, its development has been going on for centuries and has been applied countless times in China and many places worldwide.

One thing is clear, though, Feng shui applies principles and practices, many of which could be scientifically proven, and is continuously gaining popularity.

When Feng shui was first heard in the west, it was dismissed as a collection of mumbo jumbo and superstition that had no solid foundation or basis. Whether it has solid foundations or not remains to be a point of opinion. One thing is sure, one never argues with success.

You can find other tips on other pages of these articles on the practice of Feng shui and determine for yourself those that are directly applicable as it relates to scientific basis. For now, though, Feng shui principles will be discussed.

To find your place on this earth and how you relate to the forces and motivations that guide and inspire you, you will have to know the following:

From your standpoint, determine the four main points of the compass and its four corresponding sub-points. These will comprise your eight directions.

The North

Northern points motivate personal growth, new ideas, innovations, creativity, art, music, career and development.

It is best to use and place water elements like ponds, fountains, Jacuzzis, and tool sheds to enhance this point and derive its benefits. Avoid placing materials representing the earth, like clay and rocks, as much as possible.

The Northeast enhances spirituality, meditation, and inner journeys it also helps intellectual growth, reading and knowledge.

This is where you place earth materials, rock gardens, and equipment used for repairing statues and where you refrain from having plants and trees. Designs on the materials should preferably be low and flat.

The East

Encourages healing, rebirth, rejuvenation and growth. It also contributes positively to family life and relationships. This spot should be an excellent place to have exercise equipment, fruit trees and medicinal plants and herbs, a playground and a family gathering area to get its benefits.

Have wood elements and their representation and avoid materials made from metals.

The Southeast invites wealth, prosperity, and material possessions and is the spot that makes for better communication. Use this spot to usher those in by using elements made from wood. It is also an excellent place to cultivate flowers and display fish. Cylindrical objects also help, including columns and posts.

The South

This is the spot to dream those dreams, for it is here where opportunity opens and aspirations happen. Recognition, achievement, long life, festivities, this is the place to have them and tap your potential.

This is the spot to use fire and its representation to enhance its capacity to help the person. This is also the place to conduct barbecues, burn leaves and have your fire pits. The shapes that go well with this spot are the pointed ones. Its opposite is materials that are representative of water. This is not a good spot for fountains and ponds.

The southwest is for love and romance, marriage and partners, motherhood and relationships.

Use earth elements in this spot. This is also an excellent place to dine, sit and talk with your partner, plan efforts that require a team etc. Avoid as much as possible materials that are made of wood. The colour green will help a lot.

The West

It is a place that is best for children and fun. This spot also aids creativity. Use metal elements but avoid fire and its representations. While this spot is good for entertaining, conduct your barbecue in the south. You can also decorate this corner with circular objects and arches.

The northwest is best for representations of activities outside the home like trading, travel, supporters and sponsors, including fatherly activities.

Use metal elements and objects made from this material.

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At my practice, I use Ba Zi and Feng Shui to provide my clients with a comprehensive assessment of their lives. I take into account the unique energies of a person’s home and surroundings, as well as the energies of the environment and the person’s own destiny. With these insights, I am able to offer my clients assistance to help them reach their goals, and improve their lives.

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