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Fintech is the upcoming trend in Singapore?

Updated: May 28, 2020

I recently wrote an article; "FinTech Singapore 2020" in Linkedln and people ask me if it is related to Feng Shui. I say it is IChing 易經. IChing can be used to analyze a situation. Hence, I ask myself if there is something to look forward in the macro view of Singapore 2020 in this climate of trade war, possible recession, Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Hong Kong democracy crisis. You hear too many bad news lately. Making many people lose sleep.

To explain further on IChing, there are two Feng Shui school of thoughts. One is the form schools based on observation. The other is a school of calculation. This form of calculation has derived from IChing. Some known as the book of change, book of answers or book with no words.

IChing is a compilation of the 64 hexagrams. Each of the 64 hexagrams has it's own interpretation. This interpretation is derived by the period and trig-ram of the subject. It has helped me formalise my thoughts process. The application of IChing is extensive. Our ancestors will say it encompasses the universe. I have to admit that it is quite abstract. Interpretation literally may mislead you in many ways. Even knowing this IChing is not enough, given the complexity that our society has become. We still need to be updated with the current affairs. It is impossible to know everything under the sun without getting out. IChing is a guiding philosophy approach to a few possible outcomes. I would like to briefly explain how I derived my answer.

1) I list the major banks of Singapore like DBS, UOB, OCBC. And also include others such as Standard Chartered, HSBC, Bank of China.

2) I plotted individual banks with 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, period 8 (2004- 2023) and period 9 (2024- 2043).

3) I studied the result and analyse their reading in a different scenario. They all point to a common result; drastic innovation in these few years.

4) With this direction, I began to research for answers. I found economic management keep popping up. I draw a relationship with technology, payment, mode of business and future businesses.

I say we are going to a new frontier. A place where past data could not predict. It is showing currently with all the mixed messages from indicators. It is also possible that 5G and blockchain might be what I am talking about. If money can be transacted safely between parties across borders will encourage greater liquidity of trade in particularly BRI. Singapore and the rest of South-East Asia have many opportunities to tap to Europe quickly and easily with less cost. Banks may have to compete with China's advance payment system today. For years to come, banks here may need to consider:

1) Banks taking initiative approach to integrate into growing eCommerce businesses

2) Supporting the 30s generations of startup ecosystems

3) New regulations for FinTech/ Government support

4) Increasing mobile and internet penetration in South East Asia

If you are interested what I have written, there is a link below:

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