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Happy Winter Solstice!

In ancient China, the winter solstice was a significant occasion. The days were the shortest, and the sun was at its lowest point in the sky during this time. People needed extra caution during this time because it was easy to get sick or injured. During the winter solstice, people also offered gifts and prayed to the gods.

The longest night in the northern hemisphere occurs during the Winter Solstice Festival, when the Earth's north pole is tilted away from the sun. The Dongzhi festival is one of many significant holidays celebrated in China. Days will get shorter after the winter solstice, but daylight hours will increase. In ancient China, people sacrificed animals and paid respects to their ancestors during the winter solstice. The Winter Solstice still signifies the start of winter for many people in China, who continue to celebrate by sharing special foods with their loved ones. Farmers plant their crops in the spring after preparing the soil to protect them from the winter's cold. Many people enjoy eating foods that can make them feel cosier and shield their bodies from the cold during the winter.

A great comfort food for cold weather is warm, soft dumplings. Small white balls of glutinous rice flour are boiled and served with a sweet broth as this sweet comfort food. Rice cakes are considered lucky because their personalities are similar to omens. In Shandong Province, northern China, lamb soup is a traditional winter solstice dish. Red bean and glutinous rice balls are said to warm the stomach and increase resistance to cold. In its purest form, traditional Chinese medicine continues to play a significant role in the diet of contemporary Chinese people. The changing of the seasons should have an impact on healthy diets.

It has been demonstrated that eating meat, beans, sweet potatoes, and nuts promotes kidney health. It is crucial to maintain excellent mental health during this period. As a result, according to Chinese medicine, the cold starts in the underwear. TCM holds that staying warm in the winter is crucial to maintaining good health. A healthy blood flow can prevent and control all diseases.

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