How did I get into Feng Shui?

Hello, welcome to my web page! My name is Jason Chan. A designer of Feng Shui Field for over a decade.

Finding a place for shelter from elements

I started with this blog post is to share information with believers and non-believer that Feng Shui is nothing scary. There won't be Gods unless you invite them. Feng Shui in the purest form is a search for the survival of our ancestors. Why do I say this? It is a methodology or an experience to find a place for shelter. With an excellent location for accommodation, then we can search for food and return to rest.

Being in Singapore and born Chinese, we like to listen to stories from our grandparents and celebrate Chinese cultural festivals like the new year when we acknowledge the end and start of a year symbolized by a horoscope. During Chinese new year, we listen to the good and bad news of each horoscope explained by a local Feng Shui master on TV or at an event. Isn't it weird that a single person can foretell your future on TV? I do not believe it. Sometimes, we also hear that some people after Feng Shui became rich overnight. Hmmm... How many of such cases? Life is more than just that!

As I grow older, I went to investigate this matter through lessons from accomplished Feng Shui masters and books from dynasties. This thirst of knowledge to prove it wrong or search for life meaning as deepened my interest. It soon became my passion. Life is indeed more than just that. However, it is not doom and gloom or fixed. It is a cycle (like stocks and shares), and it is made up of events based on the decision we made. Feng Shui and fortune-telling are philosophies left by our Chinese ancestors on how we better our life. To change it for good. It is not like some who promise the moon. Or to give you threatening predictions. It works on changes in our home, office, interrelationship with others and our lifestyle. Most people can't change the macro environment like Geo-politics. Why stuck at there? Life still goes on. Complaints are the evil self reinforcements. We need to change ourselves before we can change others.

Birthday party without people?

What Feng Shui has evolved today?

Through the dynasties, a fundamental theory was formed known as the heaven, earth people 天地人. It is the use of space and time to one's advantage. People is also known as the user of space and time. If without people, there is no use for Feng Shui. Without heaven and/or earth, people cannot exist. We do not live on air or water alone.

I described Feng Shui to everyday people that it is like a birthday party. You will need three components :

- Date of birth (Heaven)

- Venue to celebrate (Earth)

- Family, friends and the birthday person (People)

If without one component, it is not called a birthday party.

Of course, Feng Shui is ever complicated. Not most people can pick up the theories. That is the reason I have studied under the tutelage of several Masters for years before making it on my own. I have the blessings from so many people, including my family, friends and clients. They brought me to places that I didn't imagine. You can also see some of the areas that I have been and the beautiful people I met. So, I tell you sincerely. Life is still empowered by yourself. What you believe will grow. As a designer of Feng Shui, I can only advise on the layout and coach you on your issues. The rest is still up to you to do. We cannot be accountable for your life. I have the responsibility to help you understand your circumstances and guide you in the best direction.

If you like to have some discussions, make an appointment with me. I can't help everybody, but I hope I am of some use to you.

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