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How to Harness Your Informal Power: A Bazi-Inspired Approach to Thrive in the Modern Workplace

In Southeast Asia, a bank manager wanted to help car rental employees buy used cars from their employer. The business units struggled to make it happen because of various hurdles. But, thanks to a colleague's network, they created a solution together.

This success was due to the bank manager's informal power, which is the ability to make things happen without needing an official title. In Bazi, a form of Chinese astrology, this could be seen as strong 'Wealth' and 'Influence' elements, which show his ability to use resources well and influence change.

Nowadays, work often involves different teams in a company, or even people outside the company. This means having informal power is very important.

To check your informal power, you can follow these steps:

1. Write down your top 10 work contacts.

2. For each one, score from 1 to 10 how much you rely on them.

3. Also, give yourself a score for how much value you think you give them.

If you find problems, like relying too much on a few people or not giving as much as you get, there are ways to improve. Try to offer more value to your contacts, help others with your skills, and get involved with different projects. Understand your colleagues better and look for small things you can do that would mean a lot to them.

Lastly, try to expand your network outside work. Join social groups where you can meet new people. By increasing your informal power, you not only help yourself but also your company.

So, are you ready to harness your informal power and become a change-maker in your organization? Start your journey today by conducting your power audit. Remember, the goal is to balance the value you receive and the value you give to your contacts. Look for ways to diversify your relationships and expand your network beyond your immediate work environment. Remember, every small action counts. Let's make a positive impact together!

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