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I Ching Perspective on the relationship between China and Hong Kong

Updated: May 28, 2020

China and Hong Kong are involved in a love and hate relationship. Hong Kong returns to China in 1997 result new hexagrams; 火地晉、地火明夷 between the two territories (these hexagrams will continue to exist unless a significant change in the political environment). As the hexagrams state, there will be difficult to govern with two different systems.



Hong Kong will continue to upset China’s reputation and post more challenges for China. However, it is still possible for China to have control over Hong Kong with the right balance of strategy. A suitable governor for Hong Kong is not clear insight as the hexagrams suggested. It will be an ongoing matter in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has to find sincerity and appreciation to benefit from China. Previous attempts to protest has shown significant disadvantage for Hong Kong creating unrest and economic losses.

China is still very much in control of Hong Kong financial situation even though it is much regarded as a particular economic position between China and the rest of the world. China has balanced this circumstance with other strategic areas in China to attract foreign investment for better financial management.

There would be less common grounds for Hong Kong and China to work with as the priorities of the places are of different standings in 2019 as Hong Kong to China and China to rest of the world especially the US.

Hong Kong has to manage internal matters to harmonize the anti and pro-china sentiments reflected in the 坤卦. Governance to please citizen will test the two systems rules. Another point to focus in the 40s to 50s adults who has not adjusted from the post-colonial system to Chinese socialism system. These age groups have children that are in their teenage period. They may have influence younger generations consciously or unconsciously. Education starts from home. For society to harmony, one could do their part to release the past and embrace the future. The inherited hatred could cost the young ones more. It is wise to focus on the future to live better now.

Recent months in the trade war with the US may be China’s catalyst for change. Citizens of both countries and the rest of the world have suffered the consequences of this war. Businesses and livelihood have reached an edge of closure in some industries. Those who could not cope in this time have been eliminated. However, China has stood firmly and demonstrated excellent leadership and resolution for the rest of the world resonating the 五黃 characteristic. It has set China’s sight for a new era.

If China and Hong Kong can work together in different directions in 2019, they could benefit interdependently. A new bond or future can be forged. Focus too much on the past; one will be left behind.

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